Platform – Additional Fields of Application

The NextStep™ platform’s savings in size, weight, power-consumption, capital and servicing costs relative to current Transport and In-Hospital Ventilators, offers multiple additional fields of application beyond Neonatal Resuscitation and Transport Ventilation.

Its non-gas dependence, oxygen concentrator compatibility,and hybrid power adapability without requiring barometric pressure compensation during air transport, maximises air transport range.

Additional fields of application include: Paediatric to Adult Resuscitator/Transport Ventilator working Prototype. 12hr internal battery, weight 2kg.

Military Frontline to Field Hospital working Prototype with 4hr internal battery, weight 1kg

Homecare design study. Wheelchair mountable 12hr hot swap battery pack.

AED including Resuscitator/Transport Ventilator design study.

Developing Markets/Mass Disaster design study. Hybrid power 4hr Internal battery/Solar panel/Car Battery.