The Next Step™
Neonatal Resuscitator


KM Medical was established as a research and development entity to develop the Next Step™ Neonatal Resuscitator.

The founders, Richard McCulloch and Gilbert Kuypers have over the past 20 years collaborated in the research, development and international licensing of Respiratory Equipment.

Their latest offering, the patented Next Step™ Neonatal Resuscitator, presents advancements of unparalled significance in the evolution of Neonatal Resuscitation and Transport Ventilation.

Simultaneous control of Tidal Volume, Airway Pressure and Respiratory Rate

The KM Medical Next Step™ Neonatal Resuscitator controls Tidal Volume, Airway Pressure and Respiratory Rate simultaneously, thereby minimizing the risk of both Volutrauma and Barotrauma.

Current Neonatal Resuscitators can, to a degree, control airway pressure but not volume, thereby failing to address the risk of Volutrauma.

Additionaly the Next Step™ platform provides game-change reductions in size, weight, power consumption and cost savings for infant to adult, military, AED Homecare, Third World, Mass Disaster and Veterinary fields of application.