The Solution

The KM Medical Next Step™ Neonatal Resuscitator controls tidal volume, airway pressure and respiratory rate simultaneously, thereby minimising the risk of both Volutrauma and Barotrauma.

Current Neonatal Resuscitators control Airway Pressure only thereby failing to address the risk of Volutrauma.

The unit is automatic, hand-held, light weight and has Transport Ventilator capability.

The KM Medical Neonatal Resuscitator is light weight, compact, hand-held and automatic. It is electronically driven and incorporates a Micro Controller to provide both resuscitation and transport ventilation functions.

The touch sensitive LCD screen allows both the setting and display of either pre-programmed profiles or operator settings which control tidal volume, airway pressure and respiratory rate simultaneously.

The predetermined programme files use the patient’s weight as a key.

The graphical display can be stored to assist in the set up of other ventilatory systems or for subsequent clinical analysis.

The unit does not require any external gas source to function.

All patient-contaminated airway components are single use/disposable.

The Next Step™ accurately controls volume, airway pressure and respiratory rate.

A CPU controls a high-precision miniature linear servomotor connected to a piston in a cylinder.

An algorithm calculates and applies the patient-specific volume, pressure, flow characteristics and respiratory rate, displayed on an LCD screen.

This allows the Next Step™ to initiate ventilatory support in complicance with ‘best-practice’. Variables can be modified by the operator if or as needed.

All operation is logged for future analysis, transfer to another ventilator, teaching or legal review.